What is InfoSnap? What can it do for me? How does it work?

This video series from InfoSnap shows how Online Application and Registration can simplify your life!

This video from the Department of Catholic Schools walks you through our InfoSnap site and workflow.

Overview of InfoSnap.m4v

Help inside InfoSnap!

The first place to go for questions is the GOLD ? inside any workspace. This will take you to InfoSnap's built-in documentation!

Here is an example of some support documentation. This can help you with specific tasks, like removing tags, adding new students, and searching for records

Online Training Course

The best way to prepare to use InfoSnap Application and Registration system is to complete our online course. This will give you a clear look at the entire process and ensure you get the maximum productivity benefit from implementing InfoSnap!

The course takes roughly 2 hours complete.

How to access the online course

  1. Go to Openlearning.com and click Sign up
  2. Enter your name, email, and choose a password. Click Create my account
  3. Once logged in, go to https://www.openlearning.com/csdo/courses/InfoSnap and Join the course

CSDO Help Videos

If you're in a rush to get started or just need a refresher, you can view the videos from the course below.

Simple Steps to Application

Step 1: Preview InfoSnap Application

Take a look at the Application as it is set up currently.

Click this link to preview the form

Step 2: Complete the sign up form

The sign up form includes important questions like:

  • Confirming your commitment to the process and pricing
  • Your grade levels, application/testing fee, and enrollment

Click here to sign up

Step 3: Provide a Welcome Letter

Once they select your school, a link will appear to a welcome letter. Create a document that includes the following:

  • Welcome to the school. May include your mission, history, etc.
  • Admissions Policy
  • Tuition rates
  • Application requirements checklist, especially required documents!
  • Teacher Evaluation forms
  • Other recommendation forms
  • Tuition Assistance Application

Step 4: Application Fee Options

Most schools charge some sort of fee with the application. It may be called an Application Fee, Testing Fee, or some other name. The fee must be applied on a per-student basis (not per family).

  • Decide the types of payment you want to accept: credit card, eCheck, or in person (cash/check)
    • Please be aware that InfoSnap charges 3.49% on all credit card or eCheck transactions
  • Provide remittance information (bank accounts, accounting codes, etc.) so you can receive payments

Step 5: Spread the word!

The final step is to encourage families to apply online. You can do this by posting the application link on your website and sharing it on other documents.

Diocese-wide admissions page: csdo.org/admissions

Links to post on your site. Important! Copy and paste the links below. Do not follow the links and use the URL in the address bar!

If your target population is likely not to have computers at home, you should have an application event, where you provide computers for them to use to register.

Simple Steps to Registration

Step 1: Preview InfoSnap Registration

Method 1 - Generic form

Click this link

Method 2 - A student’s custom form

  1. Log in to InfoSnap
  2. Go to Registration
  3. Click the “eye” next to a student

Step 2: Registration Packets

Send files of any documents you want included in the Registration Packet. You do not need to include anything already covered by the online form, which you can preview here.

The following are covered in the InfoSnap form - no additional docs required!

  • Student contact and demographic info
  • Parent contact and work info
  • Emergency contact and medical
  • Media/student work publishing consent
  • Consent to Contact (Schoolmessenger or other robocalls)

Here is an example of one school's Registration packet. Typical documents included are:

  • Registration Checklist
  • Student/Parent Handbook
  • Technology Responsible Use Policy
  • Explanation of Registration Fees
  • Tuition Contract - most schools want this printed, signed, and delivered

Step 3: Roster your new students

Next, we need to get your new students into the Roster Workspace.

  1. Student who applied online with InfoSnap: Go in to InfoSnap's Submission Workspace and APPROVE any applications that you want to admit. If they don’t “meet the approval criteria,” make sure you tag them as Printed.

b) Students who applied offline: Complete this spreadsheet for any students that applied OFFLINE, so that I can add them to InfoSnap (the link will make your own copy - share it back to Michael). ONLY DO THIS FOR NEW STUDENTS THAT APPLIED OFFLINE OR WE WILL HAVE DUPLICATE RECORDS.

After this we should have records in Registration for Returning students, New students who applied with InfoSnap, and New students who applied offline.

Step 4: Promote online registration with your parents

Be sure to communicate to your parents that they will complete their registration online this year! You may want to offer parents the opportunity to complete online registration at school for those who need extra help or access to a computer. Here are the instructions parents will receive.

Traditional Notification

Notification for those with PowerSchool Parent Portal Accounts

Step 5: Registration Fees

Every school has a different registration fee structure. Some charge the same single fee to all new students, some charge by family, some have add-ons for graduation, first communion, etc. To accommodate this, each student can be assigned a unique fee. The fee amount must be set before starting notification, usually in a bulk import.

Step 6: Sending Registration Notifications

The final step is to send the notification emails to your parents. This often involves a little troubleshooting and some decisions:

  • Identifying families who should be notified in SPANISH
  • Identifying students who will enroll in TK vs. K
  • Identifying missing parent email addresses or other required data (home addresses, DOBs, Enroll Grades)
  • Deciding to use both notification types or just the Traditional Notification


After notification, there are some tasks needed to ensure that all families complete registration:

What does it cost?

InfoSnap is licensed based on your student enrollment. For 2017-2018, the cost was $4.66 per student. For those that want only applications or registration:

  • Application system: $1.61 per student
  • Registration system: $3.05 per student

In addition, there is a processing fee for all credit card or e-check transactions. The fee is 3.49%.

  • Examples: for a $60 Application fee, the school receives $57.90. For a $300 Registration fee, the school receives $289.53.

Supporting Parents

The first step in supporting parents is to direct them to InfoSnap's official support. This will save your office a lot of time and work if they get help from InfoSnap.

The next thing to know is, please do not direct parents to the Department of Catholic Schools for support. The Schools Department will support you, but you must support them. We do not have the administrative capacity to provide direct support to parents.